Why Soul Realignment®?

Doing Soul Realignment® readings really light me up. I love them. First off, I get to know you at Soul-level, who you really are underneath all the life stuff in your world. How you were created to be, before ‘all this’ happened.

We start with your Divine Soul Blueprint, which is composed of your Soul Gift, and Soul Group. You have one or two Soul Gifts that are in greatest abundance. Your Soul Gift is how you do your Divinity while human. It’s the gift you are meant to share with the world, your Divine self-expression. For example, your Gift might be Divine Love, Divine Communication, or Divine Wisdom. Your Soul Group is how you do your humanity while Divine. It’s the human traits you have as a Divine being.

When you live your Divine self-expression, your Soul Gift, you are living your Soul’s Purpose. Making choices in alignment with your Gift creates the most fulfilling and abundant life. Choices are an action, not just a thought. You can have all the thoughts you want, but until you take action, nothing happens. That’s where the power is. Leverage your gift to create a fulfilling life. Isn’t that what we all want?

Your Soul Group is a set of characteristics of how you are ‘wired’ to function in this human experience. These Soul-level traits help you create more of what you want.

Next, we look at your Soul Profile. It gives us information as to how congruent you are to your Divine self-expression, and where you are in your spiritual development.

Then, we look at the Blocks and Restrictions, which are negative choices, meaning actions against our Divinity, that has resulted in negative karmic patterns either from this incarnation, or previous ones.

Now finally, you want to get rid of the Blocks and Restrictions, right? You don’t want to keep perpetuating those negative patterns, do you? Once you understand who you are at Soul-level, what Blocks and Restrictions are present and how you created them, there is clearing work to do. Now you go forward in making new choices, in alignment with your Divinity.

This is what several clients had to say. See my Client Reflections page for more:

“Thank you for such great information….it’s like you are telling me all about my DNA that I can’t read myself.” —L

“The whole reading was spot on. It as amazing to me how at different ages you could tell what had happened to me and the consequences and the struggles that resulted from those issues. More than anything, this reading has reminded me of my connection to Source.” —R