Cutting the Cord

We form energetic cords to people we have been, or currently are, in relationship with. The person with which we have a cord doesn’t even need to be on the physical plane at this time.  The more contentious, negative, intense or toxic the relationship was or is, the more important it is to cut the cord, and the greater the benefit to you.

Cutting a cord frees up your energy.  You may feel lighter emotionally, more free, less distracted, or have a greater ability to be true to yourself.

When we interact with other people, we interact with their energy, as well as verbally, physically and emotionally.  Cutting the cord is severing the negative connection we have.  It does not sever the relationship, but it does change the dynamic, and then you can make a conscious choice if you want to continue the relationship.

You may have a cord that would serve you well to cut if you have parents, siblings, in-laws, a significant other, a past romantic relationship, been in an abusive relationship,  have a difficult co-worker or client, or were bullied as a child.  You might even form a cord with someone who has harmed you, such as someone who caused an accident or injury to you.

These cords contain negative energies that you are trading back and forth with the other person.  We examine these energies, those you contribute as well as those from the other person.  We also look at the three chakras that have been most impacted, which aspect of each, and what specific negative energy has affected them.  

This disconnection allows you to direct your own life, instead of being ‘nudged’  or maybe even ‘bulldozed’ by someone else’s negative energies, thoughts, or emotions.  Cutting the cord helps us to heal from these difficult relationships and experiences, to move beyond limiting patterns, and move toward more healthy relationships and dynamics.

You may know exactly the person with which to cut the cord, or you may have a list.  We find out which person is the most significant to disconnect from.  You can also start with an intention, such as “I want to be more confident”, and then find out who is best to detach from energetically.

Remember, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.  But—if you’re ready for a change—to be more of your true self—cut a cord.  Then watch things change.

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