A Past Life Regression allows you to access your Soul’s memories. The benefits of dipping into those memories can answer questions about a long standing life issue such as the root cause, which can then release stuck energies and emotions. Relationships can be understood at a deeper level, and healing can occur. You might be reconnected to talents and interests from previous incarnations, or you might get a clear view of your path and purpose in this lifetime.

As part of the regression, you are also able to access a higher vibrational plane, which allows you to connect with a Guide or trusted teacher, and ask your burning questions, and/or get advice.

You are guided to a shift in awareness that opens the doors to your inner self. You are not unconscious, and you are always in control. You will be able to follow my guidance and answer questions.

Price: $150 (includes a follow up call

A Spiritual Journey begins with an age regression, journeying back into the womb, and then farther back into spirit, where you are able to connect with a senior Life Planner, or Spirit Guide to get important information that can answer questions about your pre-birth planning session. What did you want to accomplish in this incarnation? How are you doing with that? What advice is available to you?

Price: $125 (includes a follow up call)