About Me

My name is Bonita Jacque. I am a minister in the Coptic Fellowship, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, life coach, pharmacist, teacher, speaker, and eager student.

My spiritual path teaches that true healing involves the mind and emotions. There is much more to healing than only addressing the human body. You are much more than your physicality, you are a complex individual with many layers. You are indeed a spiritual being having a human experience.

My science background allows me to teach the science of stress and relaxation chemistry in a way that’s easily understood and applied. This is integral to understanding metabolism and how it works in the Mind-Body Eating Program.

It also explains why you can inadvertently be your own worst enemy, instead of your best friend. Would you talk to a friend the way you talk to yourself?

This combination of science and spirituality offers a refreshing perspective on life in this world, a new understanding of healing, and offers you the chance to live and create with joy and ease.

My work, and my joy, is to “Demonstrate and teach the principles of balanced, positive, loving and joyful living, promote the idea of at-one-ment with all of life and assist in the transformation of humanity through universal consciousness, one person at a time.**

As a minister, I write and officiate weddings that tell your love story.  All couples are welcome to inquire. Love is love.

**This is the mission statement of the Coptic Fellowship International.  For more information see thecopticcenter.org.