About Me

Portrait of Bonita Jacque

My name is Bonita Jacque. I am a Certified Holistic/Spiritual Coach, Certified Mind-Body-Eating Coach (formerly Eating Psychology), an Advanced Soul Realignment™ practitioner, Judith Royle’s Soul Genesis™ Level 4 practitioner, Akashic Record reader, past life regression facilitator, minister in the Coptic Fellowship, eager student, and retired pharmacist.

My spiritual path teaches that true healing involves the mind and emotions. There is much more to healing than only addressing the human body. You are much more than your physicality, you are a complex individual with many layers. You are indeed a spiritual being having a human experience.

The combination of my science background with my spirituality offers a refreshing perspective on life in this world, a unique understanding of well-being, and offers you the chance to live and create with joy and ease.

My professional purpose is to help my clients gain an awareness of their Divinity, how applying this helps them transform their lives, and the understanding that how they approach life can change the world. Become the clearest version of yourself possible.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation to talk about the modalities with which I work, and what might be right for you.  All my client work is confidential, so be assured it won’t pop up on any social media.