Spiritual/Holistic Coaching

I am happy to announce that after a year-long program, I have been certified as a Holistic/Spiritual coach!

Holistic/Spiritual Coaching offers a wide range of tools to find those areas that need some tweaking in your life, and then has resources to actually get in and do the energetic work to affect those changes. Traditional coaching is certainly valuable, but I feel Holistic Coaching takes it several steps further. 

 Combining Holistic Coaching with my previous work in Life Coaching, Intuitive Healing, Akashic Records, Past Life Regressions, and Karmic Pattern Clearing allows me to determine where you are blocked or limited, and then allows us to work to release those limitations. 

Let’s say that you feel you can’t get ahead in your finances no matter what you do. I might find that you have a self-worth issue that’s blocking the abundance that you’re seeking. Or I may find that on a deep level you feel you don’t deserve it, or it might be a past life issue bleeding through into your current life. Without this information, you would never pinpoint where you need to work to create the change you’re seeking. Once the block has been identified, then we can get to work to release those beliefs or issues holding you back from your best life. 

I offer a free 20 minute consultation if you’re tired of the struggle, and would like to see if Holistic Coaching is right tor you. Visit bonitajaccque.com for more information.