Connecting the Dots

I love when I understand a process in an expanded way.  You just never know when bells and whistles will go off, the dots are connected, and you see a whole new picture.

I’ve been facilitating energetic cord cuttings for clients with a personal relationship for over a year.  It doesn’t sever the relationship, but changes the dynamic of that relationship. 

One day I heard something in a class that expanded cord cuttings for me.  Colette Baron-Reid said, “The less you can allow yourself to be conditioned by the collective, the more you can be independently successful with a more difficult collective mindset.”  Boy, did that get my attention.  What if a cord could be cut with a collective mindset?  Things like a collective mindset of fear, or ageism, or unworthiness?  There’s millions of collective views that are limiting us.  

Limiting beliefs are our beliefs that keep us playing small.  Things like “I’m not good enough”, or “I’m not smart enough”.  Those cords can also be cut in order for us to expand fully into our capabilities.

Next, came a client who wanted to cut a cord with an archetype.  Perfect application!  A working definition of archetype for this purpose is a ‘pattern of behavior’.  Some examples are Judge, Victim, or Rebel.  When we get triggered, we may unconsciously pull out these energies to respond, and not in a healthy way.  

A few days ago, I came across an email about ‘neutralizing trauma’.  Once again, I got excited and the bells and whistles went off.  What if we could cut a cord with the energy of a trauma?  When we revisit a trauma in our mind, the stress hormones are released.  Your body doesn’t know if it’s a current trauma or an old trauma.  It doesn’t matter, either way you go into a stress response.  What if…what if we could cut the cord to trauma energy, which would put you into a physiologic relaxation response.  That place of peace allows your body to do its healing work.  

As I learn a new application, more applications show up.  I can’t wait to see the next possibility!