Soul Things

Soul Things is about the journey of you becoming who you really are underneath all the things weighing you down.

Discovering your true Soul self, and living it every day is the path to healing your spirit and body. Let go of old emotions, grief, confusion, or anxiety, and become the person you are meant to be.

Don’t let life happen to you. Let life happen for you. Here’s a secret, “Making changes in your inner world can bring huge changes in your outer world.”

 Become who you are truly meant to be, and do what you came here to do. Clarify your life purpose, and learn how to use it as a pathway to a life of fulfillment and joy.

Energetic Cord Cutting *

Cord Cutting is about changing the dynamic of a relationship with another person. We form energetic connections when we have a significant relationship with another person. Energies flow back and forth between both parties. If your relationship was difficult, contentious, or intense, the bigger the cord will be. The negative energies being shared can reach the subconscious mind, and affect our thoughts, feelings, and even our behavior.

Cords can also be cut with a difficult collective mindset or a limiting belief. Are you buying into a belief that is hindering your life? This could be belief such as “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never get ahead”. Mindsets such as fear or ageism can stop us from being our true selves. This opens up so many places to play in order to change your life. Who would you be without that limiting belief?

Situational cords can also be cut. What life situation keeps replaying in your mind? If it’s in your mind, it’s in your body and your energy field. Your body doesn’t understand if what it’s feeling is from a current situation or a past situation. It’s just releasing those stress hormones in response to the trigger.

A Victim Archetype, such as Rebel, Victim, Judge, Perfectionist, among others, can rear its ugly head and cause issues in your life and relationships. These are also cords that can be cut, so you can be more of you, and not let a pseudo-you that gets triggered take over.

Trauma cords are an important block to our healing. When we can disconnect from the energy of a trauma, our bodies can go into a physiologic relaxation state. It’s like taking a big breath and letting go. When the stress of that trauma is gone, the body relaxes, and that’s where the healing occurs.

We examine in detail how you were affected by the cord, the energy centers or chakras most affected, and the negative energies traded. Once the cord is cut, you may notice an energetic shift, a change in the relationship or belief, a feeling of release, or freedom from any emotional charge.

Pricing $85

Karmic Pattern Clearing*

There may be karmic bleed-through issues from one or more past lives. If an emotion or issue is constantly coming up in your life, it may be a karmic pattern. By opening your Akashic Record, we can find the origination point of this issue, learn what the story or circumstances were, and then do a cord cutting with that story. It’s like pulling the bottom card from a house of cards. The energy collapses just like the house of cards. You become free of that energy unconsciously running your life as you move forward.

Pricing $85

Empath Aura Cleanse *

The Empath Aura Cleanse is for empaths, people who pick up other people’s thoughts and emotions. This energetic clutter can accumulate in your own energy field, thoughts, and feelings. Do you often feel weighed down by other people’s opinions and emotions? Cleansing these energies can help you feel lighter, feel less distracted, and give you a greater ability to be true to yourself. We examine 4 types of ‘energetic debris’ that may be in your auric field, and we talk about how these have been affecting you on the level of your chakras or energy centers.

Pricing $85

Emotional Clearing *

An Emotional Clearing helps release unprocessed emotions that impact your life as challenges, preventing you from living the best life possible. It could present as a physical issue, an emotional issue, or an “I’m stuck” issue. The process involves muscle testing, tapping, and vocalizing.

Pricing: $85 per session

*Each process includes a follow up call to discuss your questions or insights.