Soul Work

The Akashic Record is a database of you as a Soul. It is a static record of the past, and fluid as you move forward in life, making choices and taking actions. When you learn who you are at Soul level, you can authentically live your Divine self-expression. Making choices in alignment with your Divinity brings you the most fulfilling and abundant experience. Living your Divinity creates magic in your life.

I work in 2 modalities in the Record doing separate readings, and also combining them into one comprehensive reading. Soul Realignment™ and Soul Genesis™ readings have the power to change your life. Each offers different information, that when combined and implemented become synergistic, giving you a more complete picture of your Soul, and opening up your life to that magic. There’s something very freeing about being the you that you were created to be.

The Soul Realignment™ Reading

Learn your Divine Soul Blueprint, Soul Gift and Soul Group, and get information about the blocks and restrictions that are in the way of you living your full Soul self. Energies from this life and past incarnations run under the current of your life. Things like shame, guilt, anger, self-doubt or anxiety are influencing you today even though you may not be fully aware of them. Through a clearing process these can be released, and the vital force energy available to you will be increased.

The Soul Genesis™ Reading

Learn your Eternal Pattern, Core Wound, Archangel Realm, Soul Trainings, Soul Lineage, Transition and Destiny Gateways. When this information is understood and applied, explains the ‘obstacles’ you encounter over and over, your gifts, the Soul’s lineage, where you are now and your best course of action moving forward. The clearings that Soul Genesis™ offers are very powerful and bring about the most beneficial healing possible.

Combination Reading

The marriage of these two modalities gives you a comprehensive picture of your Soul, the past, current challenges, gifts and talents you have, and how to move forward in a positive manner while being true to yourself. It’s a fascinating study designed to change your perspective of your life.


Soul Realignment $200

Soul Genesis $200

Combination Reading $350

** Each of readings include a follow up call, and one additional clearing

Subsequent Soul Genesis Clearings $85