Energetic Facelift

You may wonder what an Energetic Facelift has to do with mind-body-spirit wellness. That’s a legitimate question. The facelift energy works on many levels. This hands-on modality starts a process to undo the effects of aging, not only on the face, but also through the body, and can even affect your beliefs about growing older.

Society teaches us that as we age, we have to have wrinkles, we become unattractive, our energy has to decrease, our bodies become weak, and our brain power or memory becomes fuzzy. What if there’s a way to say, “No! That’s not how it’s going to be.” Well, there is.

According to the Access Consciousness website, “…the Access Facelift (TM) works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven, and rejuvenate.”

If you’re ready to try something different, something nurturing, and something quite possibly magical, give an Access Energetic Facelift a try. Don’t grow old gracefully and accept the inevitable, do something about it. Nourish your cells and body with this gentle yet powerful energy. We’re giving our body and our mind what it needs to restore and repair. We’re loving ourselves into the best possible version at any age.

This is what one Facelift client had to say: “Bonita’s Energetic Facelift service is heaven for an hour; it is a wonderful way to pamper yourself and experience an amazing and energizing feeling in your face and head as well as throughout your whole body. I feel uplifted overall and so appreciate Bonita’s caring and nurturing qualities that further ensures a pleasant session. This is a great and easy way to take care of yourself; I’ll definitely be back!” —KW

Another client said: “I received my Energetic Facelift from Bonita, who was very professional. She explained what she was going to be doing. It was extremely relaxing! I feel great! I definitely will be back for another session.” —KF

Contact me if you’re ready nourish your mind, body and spirit with this luscious energy.