Soul Realignment®

A Taste of Soul Realignment®

Get a taste of the Soul Realignment® Modality. Knowing your Soul Gift, Soul Group and Primary Life Lesson can help you make your life the most abundant and fulfilling experience. When you know who you are at Soul level, you can live your Divine self-expression, and create magic in your life. Do you want magic, don’t you?

Soul Realignment® Reading

When you learn who you are at Soul level, you can authentically live your Divine self-expression. Making choices in alignment with your Divinity brings you the most fulfilling and abundant experience. What are YOU here to bring to the world?

Learn your Divine Soul Blueprint, Soul Gift and Soul Group, and then get information about the blocks and restrictions that are in the way of you living your full Soul self. Energies from this life and past incarnations run under the current of your life. They may be things like shame, guilt, anger, self-doubt, or anxiety, just to name a few. They are influencing you today even though you may not be fully aware of them.

Through a clearing process these can be released, and the vital force energy available to you will be increased.

Soul Realignment® Reading with Coaching

Take the Soul Realignment information, and now bring it home. This offers 2 coaching sessions in addition to the reading. Learn how to put it into practice, how to live your best life, and how to make choices in alignment with your Divine Self- expression. It’s the support you need to create the best experience possible.

Manifesting Blueprint

You, as an individual Divine Soul, are wired to manifest in a way that’s specific and unique to you. This reading compares and contrasts the ways you are wired to manifest at Soul level to how you are actually manifesting in this physical reality.

There are 7 different aspects of manifesting that we look at. You learn where you’re in alignment with your Soul in the creation process, and also where you need to make changes in order to up your manifesting game.

Do you want to do it the easy way or the hard way? Trying to manifest when you’re operating incongruently to your Soul, is like slogging through mud. You might eventually get there or you might give up, and you’ll be exhausted and frustrated either way.

Manifesting Blueprint with Coaching

Take the Manifesting Blueprint information from the reading, and combine it with 2 coaching sessions to make sure you understand how to shift into alignment with your intention, your desired outcome. Learn how to move your plan of action into congruence with your Manifesting Blueprint. It’s the support you need to bring your intended creation into reality the easy way.

Life Lessons

When you know your Primary and supporting Secondary Life Lessons, you understand that the Universe is not conspiring against you by bringing certain experiences into your life. You are, instead, exploring all aspects of these lessons or “themes”. You are here to see the ups and downs, ins and outs, and the positives and the not-so-positives of the themes.

Knowing your Life Lessons makes it easier to roll with them. If you know your Life Lesson is “Well-Being”, you’d know that you should focus your attention on that, instead of asking, “Why does this keep happening to me?” when a non-well-being experience shows up.

You also learn how these lessons are currently showing up in your experience, and in which life areas.

Soul Realignment® Relationship Session

Do you have a current relationship with a romantic partner or a minor child that you would like some insight about? This session will encourage you to see each other from a Soul perspective. You’ll learn each other’s Soul Gifts and traits. Relationships can help us align to our Divine self expression. Life is easier when you understand your partner. He or she is not trying to drive you crazy. You just operate differently.

You may share past life history. We explore shared karma and contracts, and learn the Life Lessons the relationship upholds for you both. We also look at the blocks and restrictions that are negatively affecting each of you within your specific relationship as well as those that affect all relation- ships. Those blocks and restrictions that come up for you can be released through a clearing process. Your partner would have to do his or her own clearing process. You can’t do clearing work for someone else.

PERMISSION IS NOT NEEDED for the session from a partner if this is a current romantic relationship where you are living together, or if it is a parent/minor child relationship.

PERMISSION IS NEEDED for the session if this is a romantic partner with separate residences, or a parent/ adult child relationship. This session can also be done with permission for a business partner, close friend, or sibling.

This work is NOT for a former romantic relationship.

Life Situation Reading

If you have things going on in your life, and you can’t get a handle on them, a Life Situation reading may help you sort them out. The different issues in your life may or may not have the same energetic root cause. You might have 4 issues in your life with separate energetic causes, or all 4 might have the same energetic cause. We find out which are related energetically, and discover what the underlying blocks and restrictions are.  

We look at what new choices you can make to correct these experiences that is in alignment with your Divine self-expression.  The blocks and restrictions are also released via a clearing process.


  • A Taste of Soul Realignment®: $60
  • Soul Realignment®: $150
  • Soul Realignment® with Coaching: $229
  • Manifesting Blueprint: $100
  • Manifesting Blueprint with Coaching: $179
  • Life Lessons: $100
  • Soul Realignment® Relationship Reading: $125
  • Life Situation Reading: $100
  • Coaching: $100 per session