Client Reflections

“This past week feels like the tectonic plates of my life shifted.  The ground under my life has moved.  I am on a new path.  And I believe so much of it has to do with the Soul Realignment experience.” —M

“With the Soul Realignment readings, it was so spot on, and I could feel a shift just a few days after the reading. I had 2 different meetings to attend, and other people changed how they talk to me, how they see me and how they treat me.” —K

 “Thank you for such great information….it’s like you are telling me all about my DNA that I can’t read myself.” —L

“The whole reading was spot on. It as amazing to me how at different ages you could tell what had happened to me and the consequences and the struggles that resulted from those issues. More than anything, this reading has reminded me of my connection to Source.” —R

“After the Soul Realignment session and clearing period, I visited a friend of mine, who has know me for over 50 years.  She said “I have to tell you, there’s something different about you, more relaxed, you’re better, something.” I didn’t tell anyone I was doing this.” C

“The simple Soul Genesis™ clearings Bonita did for me have made a great difference in how calm and at peace I am since our session, when before I struggled with a lot of negative unhealthy emotions. No more anger, frustration nor negative feelings at all. I have been nothing but happy to be right where I am since our session. The changes within me have changed my perception of my environment and of myself.  It is the biggest gift of Bonita’s talents as a healer.”  —T

“My Soul Genesis work with Bonita has made me reconsider my life as a series of responses to random events into one that makes far more sense as lifelong journey toward enlightenment.  I may not get there in this incarnation, but this work has brought into focus what my soul’s journey is really about.” —D

“There is so much to learn from the Akashic Record Reading. It isn’t just the reading, it’s all it gives you and all that you learn about yourself, and the direction you can take your life. It’s exciting to know myself more deeply and to understand what drives me; how I now have the knowledge to reach out to those who guide me. This was an amazing reading, and I would and have recommended Bonita to those searching for life answers.” —C